1.08 - The Half Episode

(Genesis 9) We take a look at God's changes to life on earth after the flood. He gives us permission to eat meat, forbids us to murder people, and gives the rainbow as a symbol of what He really wants to do: reveal Himself to the world.

1.07a - Flood Geology

(Supplement) In this episode, we look at four lines of evidence for a global disaster: large impact craters, super-volcanoes, giant glaciers, and Pangea. We also touch a bit on how geologists try to date rocks, and why those methods have serious problems.

1.07 - The Farmer Who Saved the World

(Genesis 5-8) In this episode, we meet Seth's family, see how Noah was meant to be an ordinary person, and finally discover the benefits of God cursing the ground. We also see that being stuck in a boat on a violent ocean was a job for someone who really trusted God.

1.06 - Untouchable Cain

(Genesis 4-6) In this episode, we see Cain lose his ability to farm, find out if he actually married his sister, and see how the Mark of Cain helped God prove that madmen need to be stopped.

1.05 - The Religion of Self

(Genesis 4) In this episode, we look at the story of Cain and Abel, see just how depraved a person can become, and look at Cain's impact on the world today.

1.04 - The Wide Road

(Genesis 3) We look at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Satan's temptation, and why the wide road is not always the best one to travel.

1.03 - Quality Time

(Genesis 2) We take a closer look at the creation of man, watch God spend time with Adam, and consider why God trapped us on planet Earth

1.02 - "Be'reshit"

(Genesis 1) In this episode, we get a quick overview of the book of Genesis, consider the "Fine-Tuning Problem", study the story of creation, and find out that the universe is much older than the creation of the earth.

1.01 - The Bible

(Intro) We start our study with a quick overview of the Bible, how people decided which books to put in the Bible, and some apologetics

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